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What kind of problems does it solves?
It happens as you navigate that your find a website that requires an account in order to view an information / document or so and your time is precious. Here comes password-login.com. Instead of making an account on any site just for information only, you can enter password-login.com and get a username and password to access that website.

How can I contribute?
Suppose you searched for passwords for a site using password-login.com (search section is on the top of all pages ).
When you use a password and it worked, give a positive vote (green check). If it didn't work, give a negative vote (red circle with white line on it). If the site you access has no user or password, you create an account and enter it into password-login.com - other users will surely be satisfied.

What is not recommended to do?
It is not advisable to enter username and password from your real account so other users can access your account and accidentally (or not), act on your behalf

Thank you for using this service!